SK hynix Gold P31 NVMe SSD Advanced Format: 512e vs 4Kn


The SK hynix Gold P31 NVMe SSD supports Advanced Format in either 512 emulation mode (512e), or 4K native mode (4Kn). Overall, there isn’t any notable performance difference between the modes on Windows 10.

Switching Modes

This can be done via nvme-cli on Linux, and changes take effect on the drive directly (persists through reboots and different operating systems). Specifically, the change requires a drive format, and to select the mode, you’ll need to specify the corresponding LBA Format. I have quick notes about this here.

512e (512 emulation)

4Kn (4K Native)

System Specifications

  • ASUS PRIME-X470 PRO Motherboard (5854 firmware)
  • SK hynix Gold P31 NVMe SSD (41062C20 firmware)
  • Windows 10 Pro for Workstations (10.0.19043)
  • Standard NVM Express Controller (non-RAID/default Windows driver)

Future Testing

  • Check if there’s any notable difference when using RAID mode on NVMe with AMD’s RAID drivers
  • Check on Windows 11 for any storage speed improvements