Mixed Up My First Batch of People Chow

…and it was pretty messy.

I mixed up some of the ingredients last night to prepare for when I got the final ingredient I needed today (the Whey Protein Isolate) in a blender. I didn’t add any oil or water to the mix. This was the first mistake.

My blender only fits about 5 1/2 cups of liquid. Adding all the ingredients minus the water used about 4 cups of that space, and trying to blend through all that powder doesn’t work.

I added some water to the top of the mix, stirred as much of it as I could, then transferred a bit over to another container. I continued to do this until the container was about half-full. By that time, I was also able to use the blender to mix the remaining ingredients with some water.

I added a bit of water to the container, and shook it to try to mix the clumps that were in it, and then transferred what was left in the blender into it. The mix took up the entire container. So I transferred some of it back to the blender, blended it, and put it back into the container, and repeated this process a few times. A tiny bit of People Chow was lost during this process (a bit spilled over the side).

Eventually I ended up with what I believe is an evenly-mixed batch of People Chow. I sat it in the fridge to allow it to settle for a bit, so I’ll see how it turned out later; should be pretty interesting. It has a bit of a smoothie-like texture to it.

For the next batch, I plan on using a 2-gallon container; that should give plenty of room for shake-mixing the ingredients together, and allow me to experiment with different levels of water.

For anyone who doesn’t know what People Chow is, it’s a popular DIY soylent recipe designed to be nutrient-complete. It’s basically everything you need nutrient-wise (for the most part; body builders may want to add more protein, but you’re free to modify it however you want really), put into a convenient drink mixture. It’s designed to be inexpensive as well.

And for anyone who wants more information on official Soylent, you can check it out here. Once they get the handling time handled, I would love to order some to try it out.