Privacy Policy



Data Collection:

  • Nothing intentionally.


  • Probably (standard WordPress stuff), but not required for people viewing the site.

Data Sharing:

  • None; no data from visitors is collected, so there’s also nothing to share.
  • Even if I collected data somehow (on accident or intentionally), it wouldn’t be intentionally shared with anyone.

Data Retention:

  • Should some kind of data be collected somewhere from visitors somehow (syslog, temporary nginx debugging, etc), it will most likely last one day or less (stored in volatile storage wiped on scheduled daily reboots).

Data Rights:

  • None; no data from visitors is collected, so there’s no data you (the visitor) need to have rights with.

Data Breaches:

  • As far as I know, no data breaches have ever occurred.
  • Should a data breach occur, there is no data collected intentionally from visitors, so there isn’t much to be concerned with.

Data Protection, and anything else related to visitor data:

  • No data is collected from visitors, so you really have nothing to worry about.

Additional Information:

  • Did I mention no data is intentionally collected from visitors? :p
  • I don’t approve of data collection or sharing on any of my services, especially on a personal blog.
  • Trust me, I don’t care enough about who visits this site to be logging data.
  • This privacy policy was written hastily (and ideally needs re-written to be more professional), but it essentially comes down to detailing that I won’t collect or use any data from anyone who browses this blog.