A Tale of Three VR Streaming Apps and Routers

I recently picked-up an Oculus Quest 2, and wanted to get wireless PCVR streaming working optimally to see what the hype was all about. I tried out AMD Relive VR and ALVR for a bit, and eventually purchased Virtual Desktop.

The experience in the beginning with Virtual Desktop was not ideal. I had random latency spikes, even at the lowest bitrate. ALVR and Relive VR were fine though, and at the time, I had assumed it was because of those programs using UDP (Virtual Desktop uses TCP). Switching Relive VR over to TCP further confirmed this (UDP was fine, but TCP resulted in complete cut-outs). The main developer of Virtual Desktop insists on using Discord for support, which seems like a terrible idea when there are multiple people trying to find solutions to issues or optimizations for their set-up (and overall, I’m not a fan of Discord).

So I gave Virtual Desktop a try for about an hour, trying various settings and doing some quick searches, but unfortunately was unable to get it working optimally. I needed to keep the active app time less than 2 hours in order to be within Oculus’s refund policy, so I ended up refunding it that same day. I returned to using AMD Relive VR since it worked the best at the time (ALVR had a bug where it wasn’t reporting IPD changes for levels 1 and 3 on the Quest 2).

I continued to hear about people raving about Virtual Desktop though. I came to the conclusion that I should be able to make Virtual Desktop work well with my set-up, and worst-case, I could pick up a cheap WiFi6 router I hear people recommend. I have 3 AC routers in my house, an Almond+, a Linksys EA6350, and a NETGEAR R6260. Ideally, I would have two of them used in separate rooms with dedicated 5GHz APs for use with Virtual Desktop, and I figure that if I sat down long enough and played with more settings, I could make at least one of the routers work well enough. This started a multi-day task of testing various firmware and settings out.

In the end, I was able to optimize my wireless set-up, and Virtual Desktop works flawlessly on both my Almond+ and NETGEAR R6260 routers. The technical details as to what settings I had to do will be on another blog post.